Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interesting conversation

2 days before, when my brother and I was reading some jokes in a forum, his classmate pop-up on msn.

friend: get dou email jor mei?

my bro: i get from classrape edi (class rape? class rep?)

friend: ....

friend: diao.... (a type of regards in Cantonese)

His friend's reply makes me laugh until stomach ache, beh tahan....

p/s.. Special thanks to Lim Huai Cheng for allowing me to post this on my blog


Here comes the first post of the year 2009, yeah baby!! *applause*

Name: Cicku the crazy monster
Software: Maya

One of the latest works of mine, have no idea how should I name it, Cicku will be temporarily used for its name :P hehehe

modeling is done, waiting for texturing and set up

Happy new year!!!